Walled Kitchen Gardens network

The secrets of the walled kitchen garden: a unique part of our heritage.
Walled kitchen gardens are an important part of our history, yet are now largely neglected and little understood. In the last century, most large country houses had a walled kitchen garden. They were highly productive places: food, herbs and flowers for the family, staff and guests of the big house.

They were like an early version of supermarkets. Nowadays, our food system is global. Food is flown in from far away, which is widely regarded as unsustainable. Walled kitchen gardens succeeded in growing this food at home, all-year-round. By developing techniques and technology that we rely upon today, walled kitchen gardens were intensive food factories that spearheaded our industrial food system.

And they were beautiful places: the diversity of plants, the detailing of the architecture, the formal layout – an elegant blend of the aesthetic and the practical.

An informal group of national organisations and individual experts have come together to create the Walled Kitchen Gardens Network.

Our vision is for a renaissance in walled kitchen gardens, bringing together the best of the old and the best of the new.

At a time of crisis in farming, walled kitchen gardens can become a part of a more local and sustainable agriculture. And they can be educational, in terms of our history – the story of food, and the lives of the people who produced it – and exploring organic techniques, crops and varieties. Find out more about this forgotten part of our heritage and how you can be part of their renaissance:


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