Walled Kitchen Gardens network
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West Dean Gardens

Tell us about walled kitchen gardens in your area.

We need you! ... to help us find out more about walled kitchen gardens in your area. Some are well-known and restored. Most lie languishing, derelict – our heritage is disappearing. Others have been converted to other uses: garden centres, tennis courts, pheasant rearing, housing sites.

Whatever, we'd like to know where they are and their current condition.

Then we will be able to research and analyse the situation nationally, and report on the current plight of walled gardens, and what might be needed for their restoration and renaissance.

Please download the form and use it to record information and return it to us.

It may help to look at the directory to see whether we already have some data on the gardens you would like to tell us about. But it is always useful to have more information, and to have our existing data verified.

We are working closely with the Association of Gardens Trusts and,through them, the volunteers in the county Gardens Trusts around the country. See County Gardens Trusts for contacts.










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