Walled Kitchen Gardens network

We have updated our list of walled kitchen gardens to visit, which now lists 150 gardens open to the public.

It is available as a downloadable pdf file here

If you know of walled kitchen gardens that are not here, we'd like to know more. Please tell us.

You can also search for gardens open to the public through the following link to the UK Parks & Gardens database, which includes data on walled kitchen gardens:


Go to ‘Index of Registers’ then scroll down to find the Walled Kitchen Gardens Register under ‘Conservation Organisations’.

We also have downloadable (word docs) registers for the following gardens:

This is only a small selection of the information we have on walled kitchen gardens. The Walled Kitchen Gardens Network does not receive funding and therefore we do not have the resources to offer our full data on the web. However, we would like to! Please contact us if you'd like more information on our plans, or would like to support us.











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