Advisory services


What do you need?

The Walled Kitchen Gardens Network brings together a broad range of experience and expertise on walled kitchen gardens. It is a great challenge researching and restoring kitchen gardens, and ensuring that they are sustainable. The skills required can include:

  • Historical research
  • Garden design, and the relationship with the country house and estate
  • Cultivation techniques, crops and varieties
  • Restoration techniques and sources of materials
  • Structures and engineering
  • Project management and business planning
  • Market gardening
  • Marketing the produce
  • Education and interpretation
  • Designing and running a walled garden for visitors

What are your aims?

Walled gardens are particularly complex. Looking back, it’s a combination of garden history, industrial archaeology and social history. Looking ahead you need to decide on the emphasis you place on:

  • Heritage – how will you ensure historical accuracy?
  • Education and tourism – how will you share your learning with others? And how will you cater for visitors?
  • Horticulture – how will you grow and sell your crops?

How we can help

We can support you in all of the areas above, drawing on the range of expertise and experience in the Walled Kitchen Gardens Network. Through our Advisory Service we offer:

  • Site assessment, historic significance and key heritage features
  • Defining objectives and assessing resources
  • Grant applications and generating income
  • Recommendations on structures, planting plans, commercial production, visitor management and more
  • Project planning and management

And find out more about walled kitchen gardens in our FAQ section.