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James Deville contacted The Grapevine with some thoughts about gardening during Lockdown . . . . . See more on their Facebook page Doveridge Walled Garden.

It just seems a good time for walled garden owners to post anything they feel at the moment as we are so lucky to have the space and opportunity to make the most of our forced time off from our day jobs. We have done so much to our garden over the past three weeks in that we’ve made our garden our full time jobs completing many tasks that would be virtually impossible in our normal available time along with more setting than would have been normally possible. We will probably be able to supply local veg again this year which we started last year. This is such a disturbing time and makes you wonder how our gardening ancestors coped with such jepody as this. On a brighter note we are close to the A50 which is a busy link road connecting the M1 and M6 which normally drowns out any birdsong and yet this year the birdsong is immense. Let’s hear your thoughts! James

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