Forgotten Gardens, Abandoned Places.Back to the grapevine

Here at Pig Row we have been highlighting the tragic fate of some high profile gardens including the demise of Chilton Foliat (from the BBC programme, ‘The Victorian Kitchen Garden’):
We are asking gardeners, lovers of produce, lovers of walled gardens and pleasure gardens to help us highlight the continued destruction of old gardens. Is there is a forgotten garden in your area? Is there an abandoned one in your village, town or city? We are asking that you share with us your photos and stories of these places. The more Pig Row can catalogue and share on our blog, the more we can highlight how these spaces should be used once more. No more should productive spaces be allowed to fall into rack and ruin, they should be given to the community they are in and the voices in that community should have a say on their future. Let’s stop this land from becoming housing estates, supermarkets or out of town shopping. Please help us stop the rot by just taking a stroll with your camera, sharing photos and stories with a wider web community.
You can reach us via the website, on twitter via @lifeonpigrow and on Facebook at Thank you for being involved.

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