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In November 2014 the Halesowen Abbey Trust, a registered charity, purchased the Leasowes Walled Garden located within the grounds of the internationally renowned Leasowes Grade I Garden created by Wiiliam Shenstone. The purchase was achieved with donations from a local firm of builders, A J Mucklow, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Councils community forums, the Friends of the Leasowes and individuals. The garden was purchased for the public in perpetuity. Our aim was to own the property and bestowe it with some desperately needed tender, loving, care. Along with our wonderful, enthusiastic volunteers we are doing just this. We are currently creating a dedicated website http://www.leasoweswalledgarden.co.uk.

This is only the beginning of our project. Initially, we are in the process of clearing the site. We have cleared most of the growth created by mother nature, but the effects of mankind on the site are another challenge altogether. Over the decades a huge amount of dumping has taken place and the clearance of same to restore the land to its original level will be very extensive. We have archaeologists working on the site, a highly qualified architect is assisting us and we are endeavouring to find a philanthropic and sympathetic surveyor who will carry out a land survey for us. In the meantime we are making the most of the areas where some planting can take place to lift the spirits of the volunteers and visitors alike. This is only a transitional period, whilst plans and funding are being investigated.

Mick Freer

p.s. Recently we did visit the Cronin’s wonderful walled garden and we certainly hope to come to the Forum this October.

Here are a couple of photos showing ‘Before’ and ‘After’ views of the garden

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Leslie Eric Blennerhassett

Excellent voluntary scheme for this historic garden. As I am not a local I was not aware of this fine restoration.
I have an 18th Century canal map contemporary with the period with the Leasowe mentioned which I hope to donate to your future visitor/social centre if that would be of help?
I am a founder member of Harborne History group etc and have loved visiting the Leasowe over the decades!

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