The First European Symposium on Kitchen GardensBack to the grapevine

It was a friendly and fruitful gathering of kitchen garden enthusiasts who took part in what was for many, a new kind of symposium. Meeting and greeting many of the participants, some from as far as the USA, along with short descriptions of upcoming presentations left us with a sense of anticipation and excitement at the prospect of being part of a new European network. (In this first Zoom webinar, video sound suffered as did the live translation but this is something to be rectified before the next session on December 17th)

Susan Campbell knew from the outset she would not be at the proposed meeting at Chambord and so prepared a video presentation. We have uploaded it and it’s available here:



Thank you Susan. Thank you Mike. Lovely to be able to watch the ‘Godmother of Kitchen Gardens’ (thanks Jim) encapsulate 40 years in 12 minutes, and in better quality than Zoom could have provided.

Although they were annoying, I didn’t feel that the technical problems on the 15th detracted too much; the essence definitely came through. The panel were undoubtedly enthusiastic, and the comments in the ‘Chat’ reflected the same among the participants.

I’d call that a success – bring on session 2!


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