Thursday the 15th is almost here!Back to the grapevine

Registration numbers for our virtual seminar are fast approaching 200 with representatives from France, the Uk, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany and the USA. Whatever your interest in Kitchen Gardens of all kinds and all states of repair or production, you are bound to find kindred spirits attending the Zoom seminars to be held over this winter. It is a great opportunity to meet those in the know and not only learn but also have an opportunity to have your questions answered.
By next spring you will find yourself part of a new European kitchen garden community when we hope to set a date for a post-COVID, old fashioned, face-to-face, handshake and hug gathering at the beautiful Chambord venue on the Loire in France.
If that doesn’t whet your appetite the thought of all those wonderful wines should! New ways of doing things mean we can be flexible about shutoff dates so it’s never too late, please fill in an application form ASAP, you won’t get all the bumpf in time for the introduction on Thursday but at least you will be with us! Susan, Lucy and Mike



This is all quite a challenging time for Bill and I and the Friends of Bedfords Park. Getting to grips with new technology and ever changing rules of Covid. Still we are all okay and looking forward to hearing all the news from Europe.

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