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Tracy attended our recent forum at Croome Court, this covering letter explains what she needs. . . .

Dear Sir/Madam

I am currently in the final year of my BSc in Land Management at Moulton College in Northamptonshire. My background is horticulture and garden design and my particular interests are garden history and walled kitchen gardens.

As part of my course I am carrying out an independent study looking at the current status of walled kitchen gardens in the UK. I will also be investigating the funding streams that are available for their redevelopment, restoration or re-creation and evaluating the experiences of custodians in securing the future of a vital part of our national heritage.

 The following objectives are proposed in order to achieve the over all aims set out above:

  • Examine all accessible data and appraise the importance of a national register
  • Explore statistics to determine a benefit of ranking levels of risk
  • Investigate external funding streams that offer financial support to walled kitchen gardens

Your contribution to my research through the completion of this short questionnaire will be invaluable and I very much appreciate you taking the time to give me an honest and personal opinion.

Any queries you may have should be answered in the introduction section of the questionnaire. You will also find contact details in this section for myself and the Senior Lecturer leading the course should you wish to discuss any part of this study.

Thank you in anticipation

Tracy Whitehead

Please copy and paste the url below for the questionnaire


Tracy Whitehead

Hi James

thank you very much for responding, have you been able to complete the questionnaire through the link above?
If you have any contacts that you could pass this link onto I would very much appreciate it as I desperately need another 10 responses for my data to be useful.

Many thanks

Tracy Whitehead

Michael Cornish

Tracy, Are you aware of the now derelict Walled Kitchen Garden in Wollaton Park, Nottingham. Local Groups and the City Council are seeking ways of restoring ,or at least preventing further deterioration. It is unusual in that all the walls were constructed with heating flues. The four sides of the area are each 126m long. Restoration will be a major project and and no viable use of the area has yet been proposed although there are many ideas.

If you are interested and let me have your address, I will send you copy of a booklet prepared by the Wollaton Historical and Conservation Society.

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