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Copped Hall Walled Kitchen Garden

Copped Hall, Crown Hill, Epping, Essex, CM16 5HS
T: 01992 571657|

The property was purchased by the Copped Hall Trust, and the mansion and gardens are currently being restored. The four acre walled garden was constructed in the 1740s on a west facing slope. Large central dipping pond, ten Victorian glasshouses, one has been restored, and two are in the process of restoration. Produce is sold locally.

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Blenheim Palace

Woodstock, Oxfordshire, OX20 1PP
T: 01993 810530|

Butterflies and a herb garden occupy the glasshouses and frame yard. The Marlborough maze fills the eastern end of the 8 acre (3.2 hectare) kitchen garden, but visitors can still marvel at the 14 foot (4.3 metre) bastioned kitchen walls, built by Vanbrugh and Wise in 1705 for the first Duke of Marlborough. The working part of the gardens is not normally open to the general public. However, Jeri Bapasola (author of ‘The Finest View in England, the Landscape and Gardens at Blenheim’) will take pre-booked groups as part of a series of new Garden Discovery tours.

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Attingham Park (NT)

Atcham, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY4 4TP
T: 01743 522399.|

The 18th century walled garden has been undergoing a major restoration project, cultivation is underway, restored glasshouses are in use, there is a good range of backsheds, including mushroom house, root store, fruit store and bothy. The two acre orchard includes many local varieties and is also being renovated.

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Eccles Hall

Quidenham, Nr Norwich, Norfolk
T: 01953 887217

Established in Victorian times, 75 metres square walled garden. Wall, doors, gates: Door OK, new gates required. Glasshouses and Frames were demolished in 1970s. Shed converted to school building 1990s. Backsheds, workrooms, stores all converted to use as boarding houses. Animal housing, stables etc demolished over the years. Wells covered and capped. Ornaments on walled garden corner still in place. Currently not in use, looking to restore and bring back into production as school project. Project planning still at early stage.

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Stanstead Hall

Stanstead, Mount Fitchet, Essex
T: 01234 567890|

Large walled garden with glasshouses in extensive grounds. Wall, doors, gates in good condition. Glasshouses in use, need attention. Frames in use, need attention. Extensive backsheds, workrooms and stores in use. Animal housing, stables etc converted to offices Gardener’s house(s), cotteage(s), bothies in use within garden. Wells, ponds, tanks, towers Tanks in use. Orchards, figs and exotic flower beds. Produce used to supply college. Planting includes kitchen garden crops and glass crops, figs and apples. On the boundary of the proposed Stanstead Airport extension.

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Wordsworth House

Main Street, Cockermouth, Cumbria
T: 01900 824805

Acquired by National Trust in 1939. 2004 opened in its present form as working family Georgian house and garden. Walled kitchen garden. Planted with produce to supply the working Georgian kitchen. As far as is practicable most plants are pre 1770 and therefore historically accurate for a late Georgian garden. Managed organically, medicinal herbs are grown in the physic beds under the apple trees, the east and west walls are used to grow local varieties of espalier apples and pears.

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