How do I decide what my objectives are?Back to the grapevine

This is the big question, and it’s important you clarify your purpose, and stick to it. Walled garden projects can become very expensive, and they are generally complex, especially if your aims are unclear. There are four main choices:

  • educational – eg. for children, gardeners, people with special needs
  • productive –growing high-quality food for sale locally, maybe certified organic, and/or cut flowers and pot plants
  • visitor attraction – eg. horticultural and social history, attractive garden
  • heritage restoration – historically accurate (you need to decide precisely what era/date to focus on)

These choices are potentially conflicting; the more you try and fulfil, the more complex he project becomes. Achieving a perfect balance is not easy. Please contact us if you’d like advice on deciding what is best for your walled garden and defining your aims.